Rail UIC60

Rail UIC60

A Rail UIC60 is different from other kinds of Rail based on size, shape and weight. A Rail UIC60 is 172 mm high, has a foot of 150 mm wide and a head of 72 mm wide. A UIC 60 Rail weighs 60,34 kilo’s per meter. Please let us – Cobra Trading – know if you need any advice regarding everything related to Rail UIC60 or any other Rail.

UIC 60 expert

Cobra is well-known worldwide for purchasing, selling and (dis)assembly of rail, specifically rail with a UIC 60 profile. If desired, we can offer customers full-service solutions for UIC 60: Through our years of experience we take care of everything related to rail (e.g. UIC 60) for a very competitive price and with no unexpected surprises.

Rail: purchase, sales, assembly and disassembly

Cobra Trading ensures flawless delivery of any rail product you require. When it comes to purchasing, sales, assembly or disassembly of UIC 60, we always take all relevant environmental matters into account. Furthermore, we know how laws are put together and what conditions are required for disposal or recycling. So when you’re in search for an experienced full-service provider of rail UIC 60: Contact Cobra Trading!